Explore restoring hope in the future of our planet and in your inner journey through the application of mindfulness within the inner and outer environment.

This 6-week mindfulness course will build a firm foundation with grounding as its base. Being grounded in life will help the individual maintain a calm and peaceful mind, aim to reduce stress and anxiety by applying mindfulness in your inner and outer environment.

The course will consist of environmental talks, workshops, getting involved in sustainable living practices. Those who attend will also be supported with MP3s and practical notes, all aimed to help return hope for our planet. Simple techniques will be learnt for individuals to work with at home, school or university, and are manageable and easy to practice, helping us towards creating and supporting our natural world.


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Our Mother Earth Group Project (MEG) aims to protect the environment, promote sustainable living and provide mindfulness training to people to help alleviate stress and anxiety and improve mental health and well-being. As an organization dedicated to environmental sustainability and mental wellbeing, we believe that it is our duty to take action to protect the planet we all call home while also helping people find inner peace and balance.

We intend to integrate mindfulness and sustainable development which makes us unique. Mindfulness, defined as the practice of being present in the moment with non-judgmental awareness, can play a crucial role in promoting sustainable development practices. Mindfulness can help individuals and communities cultivate the awareness, empathy, and compassion needed to make sustainable choices. Mindfulness can aid people to become more aware of their own consumption patterns and the impact they have on the environment. Mindfulness can also help individuals and communities build resilience in the face of environmental challenges such as climate change.

The Mother Earth Group project aims to do the following:

Mindfulness and Mental Wellbeing: We will teach people how to be mindful and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression through various activities such as mindfulness courses for the environment to increase inner core mental strength, yoga, meditation, and nature walks. This will promote mental wellbeing and help people develop a deeper connection with nature.

Sustainable Living: We will run 'get together' groups where teachings are conducted on how to live more sustainably with the earth by following the MEG program. This will help people understand the importance of sustainable living and how their actions impact the environment.

Individual Action: We will aim to change people's mindsets by demonstrating how they can make a difference to the environment as individuals. This will empower people to proactively act and become more environmentally conscious.

Environmental Education: We will invite environmental speakers to give talks and hold workshops on various topics related to environmental sustainability and importance of wildlife conservation. This will be weaved into our mindfulness courses and provide people with knowledge and inspiration to act for the environment.

Outdoor Workshops: We will hold outdoor workshops in gardening, growing organically, foraging, and survival skills. This will teach people practical skills and help them develop a deeper appreciation for nature.

Carbon Footprint Awareness: We will encourage people to become aware of their own carbon footprint on the earth and provide them with tools and resources to reduce their impact.

In a recent article by the BBC, they mentioned how young people are losing hope about the planet and are experiencing ‘Eco Anxiety’. Our MEG project will enlighten young people about mindfulness, which will not only awaken hope but also help them minimize their stress and anxiety. Our community workshops aim to help bring back the hope that the youth has lost in environment and motivate them regarding what they can do for the environment using mindful projects and in an individual capacity. We want to restore youth’s hope in our planet.


In a nutshell, we hope our project will have a significant impact on the environment and people's lives. By educating people through our courses on sustainable living practices, we will reduce carbon emissions, conserve natural resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and help people become more connected to nature and promote environmental stewardship. Additionally, by promoting mindfulness, we will aim to improve mental wellbeing enlighten young minds building resilience.