At present the mind can be compared to a wild tiger rampaging through our lives.

Dr. Akong Tulku Rinpoche, the co- founder of Samye Ling, also left in his legacy the Taming the Tiger exercises and the Tara Rokpa Therapy. The exercises and Tara Rokpa were specifically created and developed for westerners, both Buddhists and non-Buddhists.

The Taming the Tiger exercises were collected into a book of the same name. They form a sequential series that can be used as meditations, relaxations and therapy. The exercises focus on the taming of our minds so that we can better find balance and stability whatever the circumstances of our lives. Practising the exercises supports us to understand the nature of our difficulties and our own wish to be happy. We can, thus, better appreciate this commonality in others also. It is a compassion-based approach. We start with ourselves, the taming of our own minds. In this way we develop and feel friendship towards ourselves, which can then spread to feelings of friendship with all others.

  • Friday Evening 21st Oct 6:30 – 8:00pm
  • Friday Evening 4th Nov 6:30 – 8:00pm   
  • There will be a bowl in the room for donations, suggested donation: £5-£10. 
  • Please send an email to say you are attending an evening session to sarahwass@tararokpa.org .
  • Saturday 5th Nov 10:00am – 4:00pm
  • Cost £40/ £30 concessions.
  • To book a place and/or if you require more information, please contact Sarah: sarahwass@tararokpa.org  Also please contact us if the cost is a deterrent, so we can arrange a way for you to attend.

These 3 workshops will introduce the beginning exercises of Taming the Tiger and be supported by methods used in Tara Rokpa. Although they form a sequential series, the workshops can be attended individually.

They are suitable for beginners and also for those with experience of meditation, and the Tara Rokpa method.


The Team

Soo Dawson, administrative organiser within the Tara Rokpa team of therapists.

Lorna Edwards, practicing Systemic and  Family Psychotherapist.

Sarah Wass, practicing Art Therapist and Tara Rokpa Therapist.


We have all participated and completed the Tara Rokpa Therapy process and had the good fortune to meet and receive teachings from Akong Rinpoche during his lifetime.