Guided Mindfulness Retreats

These retreat days are run by qualified Mindfulness practitioners who have many years experience in Mindfulness practice.

This is a time for you. A time to truly value your own mind through practice in the company of other people practicing. You will be guided throughout the day in mindfulness practice. Some of the sessions will be broken up with some mindful walking and/or mindful movement.

Usually the first refreshment break will be in silence.

We provide cushions and mats for your use. Check with us if the retreat is over a lunch hour and let us know if you require vegetarian/vegan lunch. Lunch, as well as tea or coffee in the tea breaks will be £6.50.

Please email us at to let us know you are attending the day and any requirements you have.

The retreat is donation based and there will be a donation bowl in the room.



Saturday 11th March 1.30pm to 5PM





To be announced