October started off with a little bit of rain, but the sunshine still broke through and we have all been enjoying a pretty mild October so far. It was most welcome during our 4-day residential retreat in Hampshire,’ Working with the Elements’.


Thank you once again to our admirable group of volunteers who have braved the weather in the garden, helping us to create a lovely place for you all to walk around and still enjoy some of the autumn flowers.  Also, all the behind the scenes work on the computers, social media, posters, cleaning and so much more, plus of course Mike, with his DIY skills.

September kicked off with Alistair Appleton’s very helpful weekend course ‘Love and the Gremlins’, where we all learned how to work with our negative thoughts and emotions that crop up from time to time. Anthony started the 8-week Mindfulness course, Lorraine started the 8-week Compassion course (Part 2), Meditation classes at the centre on Monday evening with Lorraine, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings with Anthony, as well as the zoom online Mindfulness sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings with Lorraine.

Our Annual residential retreat ‘Mindfulness with the Elements’ with Anthony was so much needed, especially at this time of the year going into Autumn, where the nights are starting to draw in and it feels the time of the year when we all wind down a little bit. One of our retreat participants found the retreat so helpful; this is what she said:

“I  attended the Elements Retreat in  Hampshire last weekend and had a major shift in my perceptions on teaching. I had a breakdown when I was teaching and locked teaching away behind a door as a means of allowing me to function.
On the retreat I was able to lay out paper and paints for a painting session as I would have done in school 23 years ago… I have not been able to contemplate anything like this since my breakdown”

Anthony guided us through all the elements, starting with Earth, then Water, Fire, Air and Space. The weather was kind to us and only really rained on the Water Element day, which was great. We all went down to the Water Meadows to experience rushing water, then still water. The fire element was experienced first inside using a large pillar candle, then outside in the evening where we lit a beautiful crackling fire. We all benefitted from balancing the elements. Anna guided us with Thich Nhat Hahn walking meditation around the beautiful woodlands, as well as guiding us through painting sessions of Mindfulness with the Elements. See our ‘masterpieces’ :)) attached. Thank you so much Anthony and Anna for this wonderful retreat.

We hope that many of you will take this precious opportunity to attend Charley Morley’s weekend retreat on 8th/9th October. You can watch him on TED talks to get an idea of how he teachesHe has been coming to Cardiff for many years delivering Lucid Dreaming retreats. This time his theme is around Post Traumatic Stress, or any kind of stress, but you do not have to be suffering from stress to attend.  Scroll down the newsletter on how to book.

Gelong Thubten is also delivering two afternoon talks at the centre on 22nd and 23rd October, so we are all looking forward to this as well. He will be signing his book ‘A Monk’s Guide to Happiness’ at the event.

Also, we are so delighted that Akong Rinpoche’s wonderful Tara Rokpa therapy is being delivered at the centre. Please see further down this newsletter for more information. It is important that you let us know you are attending.

T’ai Chi with Alison, weekly Yoga with Lorraine Phillips and monthly Yoga with Heidi are all running. Eniko has regular Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage and lots more therapeutic sessions to try. Alison has Craniosacral Therapy sessions and Sarah is starting Shiatsu. Psychotherapy and Counselling are also available from many of our therapists working at the centre.
Deena, our Volunteer Co-ordinator, is arranging the Samye Cafe Chat for all to attend on Thursday 27th October at 1pm.
We will be sending you a Winter newsletter in November with all the details of other courses being offered and our Christmas events.

Warmest wishes

and all the Samye Foundation Wales Team.