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Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga:


Cathrine Cutts


More about Vinyasa Yoga Flow:

The Vinyasa yoga flow class is hot and high tempo, you can be new to yoga, but will need a certain degree of cardio-vascular conditioning to get the most out of the class.

It’s similar¬†to the type of yoga practiced by the likes of Andy Murray and Madonna.¬† The good news is that you do not have to be flexible to start….with practice flexibility comes. Classes will introduce the student to some of the most beneficial asanas. They will be taught following the principles of Iyengar, which encourages correct alignment of the body and awareness of the mind. The asanas generate strength, stamina and suppleness of both body and mind; this in turn leads to an increase in health, a reduction of the tensions of the body and a significant decrease in levels of stress and anxiety. The Iyengar principles enables even the total yoga novice to benefit from the asanas in a safe and structured way.

Cathrine runs her Ashtanga class every Monday from 6-7pm. For more details of the class and to book your place, please click here.




Cathrine Cutts -runs classes every Monday at our centre between 4.30pm – 5.30pm. Please contact Cathrine directly to book your place. More details of class times can be found here.

Description of Hatha Yoga:

Hatha yoga means any form of physical yoga and covers a very wide range of practices. In its most general sense, it is a spiritual practice designed to increase awareness and self-knowledge, so that a person can be freed from old behaviour patterns and exercise more choice in his or her life. The exercises can lead to greater physical and mental freedom and to greater control over the body and thought processes.

Physical exercises (Asana) include gentle stretching, strengthening and balancing movements that aim to increase energy levels, joint mobility and overall health of the body.

Correct breathing techniques (Pranayama) strengthen the respiratory and circulatory systems and help to reduce levels of emotional and mental stress.

Relaxation and meditation (Yoga Nidra -Conscious Relaxation) help to reduce tension throughout the body, improve concentration




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